(Above is actual scan of the tank sticker on the 165 dynacycle)

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This site is intended for the DynaCycle Motorized Bike enthusiast. If your here you most likely have a interest in the Dynacycle motor bike. I have always wanted one and Ron Dow of Texas sold me a extra engine he had to get me started. Since then I have found all of the rest of the parts needed. They made 3 different models of the beautiful Dyna Cycle. The Kit Model to be fitted on the bicycle chassis of your choosing. The Schwinn S-8 Dyna Cycle which had a purpose built frame made by Schwinn and the Model D165 complete Motor Bike. There are very few Dyna Cycles left but they can be found if you look really hard and have a large bank roll.

I discovered 3 U.S. Patents on the Dyna Cycle today. I believe there is more so the search continues!

What are the features of the dynacycle?


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