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The Dyna Cycle Owners Registry



By Kenny Thomas

Kenny has been tracking the owners and there engine numbers for some time

Please contact me if you have additions or you have bought one of these bikes from collectors and it needs to be updated. A lot

of the bikes listed have been sold to other collectors. Please let me know if you have one of these bikes and were you live in the U.S.A




1) 50A-1009- John Koenke

2) 50A-1086- Bill Wessels

3) 50A-1104- Dan Bailey

4) 50A-1120- Ron Dow    -Texas

5) 50A-1156- Fred Koenke

6) 50A-1168- Kenny Thomas - Dawson Springs ,KY

7) 50A-1169- Rollie Hilger - Wisconsin

8) 50A-1236- John Stansbury (previous Russ Stone)

9) 50A-1248- Gary Arnold

10) 50A-1286- Fred Koenke

11) 50A-1303- Gene Bollmeier Southern Illinois

12) 50A-1319- Ron Dow -Texas

13) 50A-1327- Lowell Brown

14) 50A-1377- Roy Aubol -Manitowoc ,Wisconsin

15) 50A-1386- Fred Trout

16) 50A-1387- Mark Sissons-Cape Coral. Fla.

17) 50A-1295- Dynacycle on Monark Bike listed on eBay (page 18)

18) 51A-1412- Ron Dow -D165 - Scroggins ,Texas

19) 51A-1417- Ron Dow -D165 - Scroggins ,Texas

20) 51A-1507- Ron Dow - Scroggins ,Texas

21) 51A-1544- Fred Koenke

22) 51A-1567- Jerry Mahoney -Minnesota

23) 51A-1568- Warren Poole

24) 51A-1570- Warren Poole

25) 51A-1593- Ron Dow -Texas

26) 51A-1603- Gene Bollmeier D-165 Southern Illinois

27) 51A-1604- Don Dungan D-165

28) 51A-1610- Warren Poole

29) 51A-1614- No name

30) 51A-1619- John Koenke


Please report in with your serial number or if you now own any of these Dynacycle's with your name state and type of bike.

If I do not have the picture please email me.

Thanks Roy Aubol - Wisconsin - 50A-1377





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