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"Non Profit has never been this Non"




  Don Dungans 1951 D165 at Portland Meet 2007 took the First Place Trophy  51A-1604

Special Thanks to others who helped with restoration!

Ron Dow - rebuilt the engine

Kenny Thomas - organized and re laced wheels, found parts ,cad plating

Ray Dey - re plate , paint and assembled


1951 Dynacycle 165

Taken at the VMD "Best of Show"

 Bought for Don as a graduation gift by his parents in 1952 from a St. Louis department store for $242.
The Dynacycle was ridden hard, almost sold, and stored in boxes for decades until Dungan was finally able to locate the parts to complete the restoration only a few weeks before Vintage Motorcycle Days.

"At one point, my parents had sold it for $35, but the guy who bought it couldn't get it started and brought it back to get his money back." Dungan says. "After that I took it apart, put it in boxes in my Volkswagon and hauled it back to my house"






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