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Dynacycle Frame Discovery Page

I'm trying to discover what frame was used in 1951 for the D165. WHY? I can put my dynacycle kit engine on any bicycle frame but the thing is I like the D165 chassis and want to replicate as close as possible. There are few Dyna Cycles around but the D165 is the rarest.

 They (dynacycle) built there own fork and used a Cleveland Welding Frame. I'm not sure if they had arrangements with them and  they were built directly at Cleveland Welding. Before we begin this adventure here is what is need to know about bicycle frames




Not sure who owns this one. Report in!..This was found on Johnny cola's Web Page. I believe he is another guy from


Here is a Western Flyer I bought to possibly make my own 165 Chassis type out of! The rear drop out are right but it looks like the head tube length is wrong.

Roadmaster Frame

That is my Dyna Cycle engine sitting in a 1937 Schwinn frame for storage only.


What's that chassis behind it! could it be the rare and elusive Whizzer Service Pick up. :-)




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