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by Roy K. Aubol

  I'm going to write this little description of what is cool about the dynacycle in my own words. They are not necessarily the views of some of the other collectors / historians. The Dynacycle Concept was a great idea sprung up by Frank Thomas. (Page2) The idea of taking a existing chassis (bicycle) and driving it with a somewhat powerful engine (165cc 2cycle)  with little or no modification to the bicycle.. Putting a different period  motorbike engine on a bicycle chassis was a different story. It usually took hours or longer to make it work,  The big seller in that time was the Whizzer motor bikes. They started production in 1939.Maybe the largest in the country (U.S.A) for vintage motor bikes. The collectors like them because of there History and because the engines are in similar design and reliability to lets say the Briggs and Stratton engine. The Briggs is a 4 cycle engines. The Whizzer is a small 4 cycle engine. They ran good and smooth. Dynacycle had plans on being 4 cycle but never made it. They are a 2 cycle engine. It makes sense why Frank choose the 2 Stroke approach. It would have cost way less to manufacture. The good news is when a 2 Stroke has it good points as well. They have less parts to break and have a higher RPM range because they are not limited by the extra parts in the engine design. They are also lighter in weight. They have made some advances in 2 cycle engines being used today. Fuel injection and computer's play a large role in the tuning of the new 2 cycle engine still used on the new Ski -Doo snowmobiles and Mercury's outboards.

   To install a dynacycle engine on a balloon tire bicycle you would have had to just pull the Pedals and Crank out of the bicycle. That is were the dynacycle engine mounted. It was called the Dyna mount. There were no throttle to mount on the handle bars or any other umbilical's to hook up. The dynacycle had foot pedal controls. Push the pedal forward and the gives the engine fuel. Rocker the pedal back and that applies pressure on the rear 5" brake. The gas tank was also mounted on the engine which means is the power unit is self contained. The next step is to install dynacycle rear wheel into the bicycle. Looking at mine it looks wider than a regular bicycle hub so I think there might be some tweaking to get that to fit between the rear dropouts. A very neat setup! More to come.